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Our investment approach is guided by the following principles:

  1. Invest in industries and areas of the economy where demand is strong. We don't invest in companies that are trying to prove their products in the marketplace. Instead, we seek opportunities where demand is already established, and where possible we enter into long-term off-take or production sale agreements.
  2. Align ourselves with experienced and proven local partners, and structure the partnerships to motivate all parties to achieve tremendous success.
  3. Employ risk mitigation strategies. Successful equity investments are as much about mitigating risk as they are about the opportunity itself. At SASCO, we aggressively structure risk mitigation strategies into every investment to help deliver consistently high returns.
  4. Take an active ownership position. We are not interested in investments where we play a passive, minor role. Instead, we make investments where our experience and capabilities will add to those of the existing management team, with whom we cultivate strong relationships. We also seek to leverage knowledge and opportunities across our network and portfolio companies in order to add maximum value to our investments.