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What differentiates SASCO is our focus on unique value creation opportunities that will generate superior returns for our investors.

:: Size
We typically invest US$25-$50 million of equity per transaction. However, we have the capacity to make larger investments by bringing in additional investors. The principals of SASCO will also make investments in the range of $5-10 million on a selective basis utilizing their own capital.

:: Location
Our primary market for investments is the Middle East, northern Africa, and Southeast Asia. We also selectively consider investments in Canada and Europe.

:: Industries

The world's unabated demand for energy continues to generate exciting investment opportunities. We are interested in refineries, value-added processing, and resource developments where we can back proven management teams.

The rising global concern about the impact of carbon based fuels on our environment is creating significant opportunities for clean energy and alternative fuels, and SASCO is investing on the leading edge in new generation fuels, such as ethanol, biodiesel, and synthetic fuels.

Real Estate & Infrastructure:
For real estate, construction and infrastructure projects, SASCO has the financial capacity, management expertise and technical partnerships to provide major developers, governments, and investment authorities with complete turnkey solutions and projects on a BOOT basis. We are interested in commercial, residential and hotel developments, and water purification and treatment plants.

Large-Scale Industrial Manufacturing:
With significant growth in the region, there is tremendous demand to have goods produced locally. SASCO seeks partnerships with established international operators by financing and facilitating their penetration of this market.